Based in Singapore, we are an agricultural commodity trading company that specializes in trading sugar, rice, and oil and fat products. We distribute agricultural commodities to various markets, including Asia, Africa and the Middle East. We also provide customers of our commodity offerings with complementary, ancillary services such as warehouse handling and storage and logistics services. We are an asset-light business and utilize an established global network of third-party commodity suppliers and logistics service providers in order to distribute sugar, rice, and oil and fat products to customers in over 20 countries as of the fiscal year ended December 31, 2022.

We source and market the commodities we distribute under two main brands: Maxwill and Taffy. The Maxwill brand is owned by us and is used for the sugar products and oil and fat products that we distribute outside of Singapore. We have also appointed Tong Seng Produce Pte. Ltd., an established distributor of rice, oil, sugar, flour and fiber products in Singapore, for the exclusive distribution of certain sugar products under our Taffy brand.

We specialize in the sourcing and distribution of sugar products. We procure sugar products from various origins in order to offer a wide range of sugar products to our customers in Singapore, as well as in different markets in Asia, Africa and the Middle East regions. We are a member of The Refined Sugar Association in London, which is the trade association for the international white refined sugar trade. We also source and sell a wide selection of rice products and oil and fat products to our customers in Africa and China.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and our ability to provide a ‘one-stop service’ to customers. We engage third-party service providers for services such as warehouse handling and storage and logistics services (including distribution, freight forwarding and shipping services) to distribute the commodity products from our suppliers to our customers. We also arrange for our customers’ insurance and security coverage, including cargo insurance for the commodities which pass through our supply chain. Our operations are connected to a large network of such service providers, including freight and shipping companies, which are experienced in handling commodities. Their experienced network, in turn, enables us to coordinate, organize and manage our operations efficiently and offer our customers timely and cost-effective services. We are also able to oversee the quality of the products from the point of procurement to the point of distribution to our customers.